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aptitude is revolutionizing molecular recognition

As individual humans, we are each an enormously complex and unique machine. Our genes may be our blueprints, but they neglect our lifetime of living, and tell us very little of when we will get sick, and what we can do about it.

The genomic era has focused on advancing health by spotting “design flaws” in our blueprint. Yet subtle modification of a protein can herald the onset of cancer, and the composition of metabolites can indicate if treatment may work or cause unexpected damage and must be stopped. To find and address the problems more effectively, we need to look at our bodies’ dynamic proteins, lipids, sugars and metabolites which change based on our environment.

A post-genomic era

We are entering a post-genomic era, wherein a new generation diagnosis and treatment awaits and requires us to interact with a broader range of molecules. However, our ability to detect and manipulate our molecular puzzle pieces have only scratched the surface.

Aptitude is revolutionizing molecular recognition – we are enabling the interaction with key molecules which have been out of reach. Our products allow detection and manipulation of proteins for cancer, diabetes, autoimmune, heart disease, and personalized drug response.

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