A new generation of proprietary aptamers for more effective diagnosis and treatment

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Aptitude demonstrated the in vivo efficacy of two aptamer therapeutic programs

Aptitude has received 5 million dollars in non-dilutive funding

Aptitude started collaboration with a global leader in clinical diagnostics

Aptitude unlocks the potential of aptamers to overcome the fundamental limitations of antibodies

Imagine a synthetic antibody that:

is highly stable, resistant to denaturing, and works with diverse platforms, from mainstream assays to cutting-edge electrochemical sensors

binds with high affinity and specificity to intractable targets, and discriminates targets that differ by only a single functional group

accommodates various functional modifications, and seamlessly integrates with powerful qPCR and next-gen sequencing detection

Imagine a company who can turn that dream into reality.

Welcome to the reality of Aptitude.


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