A new generation of proprietary aptamers for more effective diagnosis and treatment

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Aptitude has received multi-million dollars in funding in 2021. And we are hiring!

Aptitude and Google jointly published machine learning-guided aptamer research on Nature Communications

Aptitude received California CLIA license for high-complexity molecular testing

Aptitude was admitted into the prestigious NIH RADx program

Aptitude unlocks the potential of aptamers to overcome the fundamental limitations of antibodies

Imagine a synthetic antibody that:

is highly stable, resistant to denaturing, and works on diverse platforms

binds with high affinity and specificity to intractable targets, and discriminates targets that differ by only a single functional group

accommodates site-specific modification by various functional groups, and unlocks a multitude of unique applications

Imagine a company who can turn that dream into reality.

Welcome to the reality of Aptitude.


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