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aptitude is revolutionizing molecular recognition



Aptitude initiates collaboration with major tech company, combining state-of-the-art Particle Display and machine learning technologies toward unlocking new levels of performance and throughput in our Aptamer discovery capabilities.

Aptitude has achieved a key milestone for a pharma collaboration.

Aptitude launches its first therapeutic program in its drug pipeline.

Aptitude has been awarded entrance into the Coulter College Commercializing Innovation program, a partnership between the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation and the NIH to accelerate commercialization of highly innovative technologies which address significant unmet needs. Entrance into the prestigious Coulter College programs is highly competitive and participants demonstrate a heightened record of success in commercialization.

Aptitude has been awarded a contract from the DoD for the development of our aptamer-based technologies. This is the 4th funding award we've received in 2 years, a rare honor for a young startup.

Aptitude has extended its aptamer capability to include a wide range of modified nucleobases. By combining Particle Display with these non-natural nucleotides, Aptitude can harness greatly expanded chemical diversity to enable a new range of interactions between aptamers and their targets yielding improved affinity, specificity and success rate.

Aptitude has been awarded a SBIR grant from the NIGMS for the development of our aptamer-based technologies. This is the 2nd grant we received from NIGMS, building upon the successful progression of the first grant.

Aptitude has launched a development collaboration with a top pharma company for an application wherein antibodies are not suitable.

Aptitude has enabled the use of fully 2’-modified RNA aptamer libraries, conferring protection against nuclease degradation at every nucleotide of every aptamer, de novo with no post-discovery modifications or backfilling required. This capability addresses long-standing stability challenges for aptamers in vivo and by combining with the powerful aptamer screening capabilities of Participle Display, Aptitude yields aptamers that are uniquely well suited for therapeutic applications.

Aptitude has developed a key advancement in Particle Display, enabling multi-parameter ultra-high throughput quantitative screening of aptamers. The advancement uniquely allows Aptitude to screen for aptamers by directly observing the affinity, specificity, and function of all aptamer candidates simultaneously and selecting those that exhibit the desired combined properties. We demonstrated the capability to create highly specific aptamers which function effectively in serum, while competing aptamers fail to do so.

Aptitude's progress has been highlighted by Congresswoman Lois Capps.

Aptitude has been awarded a SBIR grant from the NIDDK, further validating the platform potential of our technology.

Aptitude has initiated a collaboration with a top diagnostic company to exploit the unique properties of aptamers for applications at the point of care. Aptitude’s aptamers were rigorously tested by our collaborator and demonstrated dramatically higher performance over competitors in side-by-side comparison.

Aptitude is awarded prestigious Fast Track SBIR Grant from the NIH. Among the ~4000 companies that apply to SBIR/STTR grants every year, only ~40 companies with the most validated technology are awarded a Fast Track grant.

Breakthrough Particle Display technology published in Angewandte Chemie.